My Book is Published!!

My book has been published. “Ministering like Jesus: How to Grow in Healing, Deliverance and Miracles”

To buy a copy, click here in the U.S. or here in Australia. Unfortunately, the paperback is not yet available in Australia for another 2-4 weeks.

A 30-Day Devotional from Mark’s Gospel to help you grow in healing, deliverance and miracles in your everyday life.

  • Have you ever prayed for someone’s healing, yet not seen them healed?
  • Needed to see food multiplied, or wanted to still storms?
  • Not sure what to do when you see someone demon-possessed?
  • Do you desire to learn more about Jesus and understand how He ministered?

Come on a 30-day journey and see how Jesus ministered, healed, delivered and performed miracles. Discover the keys to see people healed and set free.

This interactive devotional and study guide will open up God’s Word in a profound way. You will receive keys and insights on how to minister like Jesus. Revolutionize your world as you step out and see the manifestation of Heaven released on Earth.

Each day’s reading includes:

  • Bible verses to explore how Jesus healed, performed miracles, and set people free.
  • A powerful personal testimony to illustrate and encourage you to minister like Jesus.
  • Reflection questions to assist you to reflect, apply and integrate the day’s lesson.
  • A crafted prayer.
  • Space to journal the key that God has highlighted to you.

This devotional is also perfect for small group study. Included in the back is a 7-week guide with small group discussion questions to enhance your learning and application with others.

Apart from the bonus 7-week small group discussion questions, there is also a bonus chapter, making it a 31-day devotional.

My prayer is that as you follow Jesus’ example, you flourish. I declare that as you read and apply the insights you gain, you will see your own life, and the lives and circumstances of others around you, healed, transformed and redeemed. Your life will be permanently changed for the better, walking with Jesus in this way.

“Amazing. Revolutionary. Kingdom building. Inspirational and very practical. Life-changing, if embraced.” Peter Yaxley, Kingdom Presence Ministries

“Each day is a fresh new adventure. Equipping, emboldening, releasing space where belief and faith meet His life and embrace. Highly recommended for any who want MORE of what Jesus brings.” Karen Brough, Christian Author

2 thoughts on “My Book is Published!!

  1. Beth Kennedy

    Brilliant book.
    Loved it and will reread and work my way through again to mine the gold.
    Thank you

    • Jane Berry Post author

      Thanks so much Beth. So glad you have enjoyed it and found it worthwhile.

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