Tread Your God-Ordained Path

A young mum and her toddler caught my attention today. This toddler was exploring and tottering along the footpath, obviously only recently begun walking. I loved how the mum kept pace with the toddler and allowed her to explore and walk her path. In the busyness of this Christmas season, the mum may have been tempted to pick the toddler up and carry her, as it would be much quicker. But no, she allowed her daughter to wander, explore, and gain strength in her ability to walk.

It reminded me of how the Holy Spirit walks with us, allowing us to explore, try new things, and become bolder.

Several weeks ago, I felt to write this blog post titled “Tread your own path”. As I have mused on this post since then before releasing it, the strong conviction that we are not to be self-centred has permeated my thoughts. Instead, we are to tread our path, which is the path that God has ordained for us.

I am not advocating that there is only one path we are meant to be on and that we are out of God’s will if we make a decision that deviates from God’s single path for us. Instead, I am encouraging everyone to be constantly communing with God and sensing His wisdom and thoughts about our next steps.

This requires devouring His Word – both the written and the spoken. Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” This requires us to know our Bible and what the Bible says.

It requires us to be courageous to walk our God-ordained paths. To not follow the crowd. To allow Romans 12:2 to infiltrate every part of our life. “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing, and perfect will.”

I sense some readers need to make bold decisions and not follow the path of other Christians. Not that the path is wrong, per se. It’s just not what you are called to do in this next season. It may be as simple as the people you usually listen to live at a different pace than you, and you feel pressure to conform. Let’s return Jesus’ voice to the dominant guide in our life.

I sense 2023 is heralding in a new season. Yes, the world has changed as we once knew it. We are living a new normal. I feel there are many opportunities for us as Christians to take possession of ‘land’, however that looks, but it will require the sacrifice of going against the crowd and the usual way you have been ‘doing life’.

I strongly sense that we will see people begin living their true identity and calling. Knowing your identity can be as simple as asking Father God, “Who do you say I am?” or “What am I known as in Heaven?”

What are you praying and declaring over yourself, your family, your creative ability, your relationships this coming year? How BIG are those prayers and declarations? Are you declaring words you believe are from God that only He can bring about through miraculous means?

I have been reflecting on the miraculous provisions our family has experienced this year. God showed up in mind-blowing ways. I believe a key in this was when I began listening to God and asking Him His view on certain situations and then declaring that aloud into the atmosphere. We saw miracle after miracle. We saw God changing circumstances that were seemingly unchangeable. If you would like more information on this, I have a pdf download ‘Speak Life’ on my website.

As I was reading Deuteronomy 1, verse 8 struck me. “See, I have given you this land. Go in and take possession of the land the Lord swore he would give to your fathers—to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—and to their descendants after them.”

What has God already given you?

What has He promised you?

What have your prophetic words said that is yet to come to fruition?

Are you going (moving forward) towards this?

Are you taking (fighting) for your inheritance, your ‘land’?

Are you working with your prophetic words to see them come to fruition? We can’t wait for them to occur, but we have a responsibility to partner with them to see them come true.

How do we do this? Unpack your prophetic words to discover your identity, destiny, and who God wants to be personally for you.

Next February, I hope to have an e-course available that can help you unpack your prophetic words and implement actions in your life to see them come to fruition. Stay tuned for further details!!

I also sense there is a repositioning in the Spirit. Several months ago, before the Victorian state election, I released a word on social media highlighting this. Here is the transcript:

“This last week, I sensed many people are experiencing (or are about to experience) a repositioning. Slight movements for some. Major movements for others. What may feel like a sideways movement is, in fact, protection. Do not despise those small movements. They are in preparation for the next promotion.

On a larger scale, there is also repositioning occurring. Where I live, it is currently blowing a gale. No rain. Purely fierce winds. Battling the wind whilst walking, I sensed God was confirming the winds are related to the repositioning. The physical winds are blowing the crud out and shifting things in the physical. It is exposing the undergrowth and allowing everyone to see the mess. I sense this is also occurring in the spiritual, especially in Victoria (Australia), as we are gearing up for the state election. As we keep our eyes and hearts focused on God, I see Him blowing the evil out of our government and exposing the enemy’s lies.

There are pockets of revival occurring here in Victoria. I was reminded that true revival brings societal change. Crime rates will decrease. Relationships restored. Righteousness will reign. Right minds and clarity for those troubled. Homeless housed. Hungry fed.

Keeping our hearts and minds focused on Father God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus as we move forward both in the spirit and physically.”

I encourage you over the next few weeks in what is traditionally a time of reflection over the past twelve months and the setting of goals for the new year, to allow Father God to show you if there are any areas of ‘crud’ in your life, any lies you are believing about your future, and if there is a repositioning Father God would love you to manoeuvre. Jeremiah 33:3 is such an encouragement – “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

I encourage you to reassess your accountability and running partners during this time. Those people who spur you on, who encourage and challenge you to be all whom God has called you to be. People who walk beside you in one or more areas of your life. Usually, this may be a plethora of people instead of a single person trying to fulfil the whole gamut.

I am updating the ‘Align 2022‘ pdf on my website for the 2023 year. This fantastic resource helps you reflect on the year and plan for the coming year. There are new sections covering emotional discipline, dream killers, handling fear, identifying the people I need to surround myself with in various areas, skills to learn/upgrade, etc. There will also be a section where you can prophesy over yourself for each month of 2023. Last week, I recorded a prophecy for myself for each month of 2023 whilst driving my son to and from Air Force Cadets. In thirty minutes, I recorded a prophecy for most months of 2023, along with a significant date and event within each month. I will write these out, put them in my calendar, and check how accurate my prophesying was. My prophetic ability will grow as a result, plus it encourages me to continue to seek God for myself rather than someone else.

As you celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and all that means, may you experience renewed joy, peace, love, and freedom.

Prophetic Activations / Exercises to incorporate into your week:

Every blog post I list 5 prophetic activations/exercises under children/family, group, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The purpose of these exercises is to practice to help us hear God’s voice in a clearer manner. They sharpen our senses to hear and see and sense God and His way of communicating with us. This enables us to grow in our relationship with God and also to impart to others what God tells us for them. Feel free to use as many of these activations each week as you can. The more you practice, the sharper you become at hearing God’s voice. Enjoy! Remember that whenever you give another person a prophetic word or picture etc, please make sure that it is encouraging, edifying (strengthening) and comforting (1 Corinthians 14:3) and that it comes from a place of love.

1. Children / Families Activation: Gather paper and pencils and spend time asking God what picture of encouragement He would have family members draw for the postman or garbage collector.

2. Group Activation: Distribute twelve sheets of paper to everyone. Ask them to write their name and a different month of the year at the top of every sheet eg first sheet – January, second sheet February etc. Collect the sheets and redistribute to group members so each person has a variety of people’s names. Ask Group members to take thirty minutes to ask God what to write on each sheet of paper ie prophesy what will happen for that person in that month next year. Ask God if there is a special date within the month or an event that may occur and write that on the paper. Collect the paper and give to the named people. Remember to revisit this activity mid next year to see the accuracy of these prophetic words.

3. Beginner Activation: Spend time with God. Ask Him what He would love you to know about Christmas for you and about Christmas for Him. Explore this further by asking God more questions.

4. Intermediate Activation: Ask God to highlight a person and a Christmas ornament that you could buy for them that signifies something God would love them to know.

5. Advanced Activation: Spend time with God hearing His heart for your area for this coming year. Ask Him what He would love you to do about the information you receive.