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We live in Melbourne, Australia but are willing to travel anywhere we feel God is leading us. One of our passions is equipping people so that they can minister to others. If you would like us to come and minister to you and your small group or church, please get in touch via the “Contact Us” page or email us on “[email protected]“. Thanks. Our ministry to small groups is usually out of relationship with key leaders.

At the moment, we have some private meetings coming up where we are training and equipping small groups from different churches to hear God’s voice and to release that to others. We are helping whole families grow in the prophetic with the children learning as well. We find that the children tend to hear God’s voice very clearly and easily as they don’t seem to have the same amount of junk in their lives or questions about “Is that really God’s voice or is it just me?” etc. We tend to get the children to draw pictures about what God is telling them about other people. Our children are also involved in the equipping sessions with us, helping us during the session plus beforehand they usually draw a prophetic picture for everyone who will be in attendance.

We are initiating and involved in prophetic intercession in Melbourne city to help accelerate revival coming to Melbourne.

My husband Gary is involved in mentoring a number of key influential people around Melbourne in the prophetic, supernatural ministry, their ministry and the way forward and also the Seven Mountains of Leadership (Lance Wallnau stuff) and helping people in key leadership positions within these mountains to connect. One of Gary’s key giftings is the ability to connect people with other key people to advance the Kingdom.

I am also involved in mentoring women in their identity, authority and supernatural giftings.