About us

My husband Gary and I, Jane, live in Melbourne, Australia. We have two children, a daughter (20 in 2023) and a son (18 in 2023). Our unique contribution is our ministry as a family.

Our passion is to enable people to realise that they have ‘gold’ within themselves, their own unique purpose for being created and alive in this world. We desire passionately to help people unlock this gold within themselves. Hopefully, these people will go on to help other people unlock the gold within their own lives.

Gary has been a Police Officer, a local Church Minister for over 14 years and then a small business owner. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Youth Affairs), Bachelor of Theology,  Diploma in Ministry and is an ordained Church of Christ Minister. He became a Christian when he was 21 years old and it radically changed the course of his life and career.

I became a Christian at age 14 but really made Jesus Christ the Lord of my life 6 years later. I then completed a Bachelor of Theology and Associate Diploma in Ministry and was heavily involved in Youth Ministry for 20 years alongside my husband, all the while being a Critical Care Nurse, program developer and patient educator at a major Melbourne teaching hospital.

Our lives changed significantly in 2010 when our two children Sarah (then 7 years old) and Joshua (then 4 years old) were dramatically and instantaneously healed from a number of severe food allergies/anaphylaxis. When the healing occurred, I could no longer deny that all the Bible was true for today, especially the supernatural miracles of Jesus and the command for us in John 14:12 that we are to do what Jesus did and even greater miracles. We had not lived a life like that up to that point in time.

In 2011, our family went to Mozambique where we lived for 3 months as students at the Iris Harvest Mission School. It was whilst we were there that we realised that God wanted us back in Australia but that we would have a ministry travelling worldwide in the future. We still have a huge passion for overseas mission and have since been on a short term mission trip to Cambodia as a family. Whilst in Cambodia, we had the joy of seeing a container load of 33,000 children’s books that we had collected, sorted and packed in Australia arrive in Cambodia to be given to Schools, Children’s Centres and the Mean Chey University. This was a project called ‘Books 4 Cambodia’ that our daughter, then aged 10, co-ordinated. Gary has also been to India on a mission trip since our time in Mozambique. In February 2016, Sarah and I went with a team to Cambodia to assist and train students on a University campus. It was a pure delight seeing my 12-year-old daughter sharing her faith with university students through an interpreter and sharing testimonies of how God had healed her and worked various ways in her life. She also capably led a workshop for 18 university students using an interpreter. What a joy and delight it was seeing my daughter flourish.

In July 2015, our 9-year-old son then felt compassion for homeless people and began a project of collecting socks for them. He began an organisation called ‘2 Pairs Each’ and aince then, he has collected and distributed over 39,500 pairs of brand new socks and 3,100 items of warm clothing to the homeless in our city. (www.2pairseach.com.au or his Facebook page 2 Pairs Each)

When we returned from Mozambique and a short term mission trip to South Africa, God spoke to my husband very clearly in several dreams about changing churches to become part of Stairway Church in Melbourne. We obeyed and became involved there. That really began our realisation that we had giftings in healing and the prophetic. We have sought to grow and develop in these giftings, taking every opportunity that is presented to us. We have a heart for mission and for communicating God’s love to people and seeing people develop a more intimate relationship with Father God.

Both Gary & I have been involved in prayer ministry, receiving training and ministering with Ellel Ministries, Sonrise Ministries, Healing Rooms Australia and Bethel Sozo (Australia). We have both been on a huge journey of discovering our identity, sonship and what that means.

I believe in ministry as a family and we have sought to involve our children as much as possible in our ministry, wherever applicable. There is no junior Holy Spirit. Our children have incredible prophetic words over their lives about ministering in the supernatural gifts, thus we seek to disciple them in this so that they are more effectively prepared when they reach adulthood. Our whole family is involved in ministering in our local church’s Healing Rooms and the children are also involved in our prophetic ministry.

I am passionate about raising my children to be able to minister effectively for God and to fulfil their potential in life. I blog at www.raisingworldchangers.com.au on how I am helping my children to be effective in this world.

I have ministered to so many dysfunctional adults and people not realising their true identity and caught up in the baggage of their past. This has motivated me to help parents raise their children in a healthy way so that when the children become adults, they have as minimal “baggage” as possible. I realise that none of us can be perfect parents. However, with God’s help, I know and implement a number of strategies to help us in our parenting journey and to minimalise the “harm” and negative outcomes.

Gary and I have a podcast called ‘Hearing God’. You can listen to it here. The Hearing God podcast website is: https://garyandjane.co or click here.  We have recently started a ‘buy me a coffee’ page and you can donate to help us continue developing resources here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/garyandjanM  Many thanks.