This website and blog is called “Unlocking the Gold” because I firmly believe that we are all created with a huge amount of gold inside each and every one of us. The gold is our unique identity, calling, giftings, purpose. Some of us, though, struggle to realise our true identity and don’t always live from that place. Some of us need help to discover the gold that has been placed inside us. Some of us want to help others find the gold within them but sometimes it takes a bit of digging. I invite you to come on the journey with me as I help you realise the gold placed inside of you and then help you easily identify the gold placed inside others.

I have only been exposed to the prophetic ministry over the last few years but, in those years, I have tried to practice it as much as possible. I love honing and developing my prophetic gifting. I have tried to take very opportunity that I can and it has yielded incredible results as I have released words into people’s lives. My desire is to help you develop in your identity and your prophetic gifting so that you can be used by God to speak life and hope into other people’s lives.

I endeavour to blog weekly about the supernatural and  love being practical so there will always be a practical outworking. Along with this, I will try to bring new activations/exercises that you can practice and new ideas that you can implement into your daily lifestyle. Please subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss the regular updates. Also, please check out the 30 day automated emails / sms apps that will help you develop intimacy with Father God, hone your prophetic gifting, help with your identity and be others focused by stopping for the one on a daily basis. These will be added under the “Resource” tab as soon as they are completed. If you are a subscriber to this blog, you will be notified when they are added so that you can make full use of them.

Looking forward to journeying with you.

Love Jane