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We have a passion for introducing, equipping and releasing people into their full potential in God. We believe that when people discover their true identity as a son/daughter of Father God, it radically changes their life. We believe that when it says in John 14:12 that we can do what Jesus did and are called to do even greater miracles, then we must obey. We are able to help release people into a life of seeing supernatural miracles. We have a passion for helping people to hear God’s voice and then communicate to others what God is saying to them.

We are experienced in prayer ministry and love releasing prophetic words to people, mission teams, groups and churches and then seeing people move forward into their exciting future.

We love joining with people to undertake prophetic acts where we see God move in amazing ways and help to unlock the gold that has been hidden in churches, groups, communities, towns etc so that identity is restored, Heaven becomes reality on earth and the unique corporate destiny pursued.

We are able to help people by running workshops and seminars for small or large groups and churches. We minister to all ages.

Our training and equipping is very practical and includes practical activations in each session. We are able to tailor training and equipping to your requirements.

Workshops that we hold include:

Experiencing the Father’s Heart:
Session 1 – The Father’s Love
Session 2 – The Wound
Session 3 – Healing the Wound
Session 4 – Living as a son
Session 5 – Hearing the Father’s heart for you

Spiritual Warfare / Supernatural living:
Session 1 – Identity
Session 2 – Cutting edge tools
Session 3 – Supernatural healing
Session 4 – Hearing God’s voice
Session 5 – Prayer Life

Hearing God’s voice:
Session 1 – “The sheep know the shepherd’s voice”
Session 2 – The main thing
Session 3 – Do’s & Don’ts of prophecy
Session 4 – Going deeper – the prophetic lifestyle
Session 5 – Different prophetic expressions
Session 6 – What do I do with a prophecy over my life?

Prophetic Acts:
Session 1 – Introduction
Session 2 – Practical
Session 3 – Spiritual mapping
Session 4 – Decrees and Declarations
Session 5 – Individual/group mentoring in prophetic acts for a specific breakthrough.

Prophetic Intercession:
Session 1 – What, why & how
Session 2 – Cutting edge tools
Session 3 – Practical

Living Naturally Supernaturally as a family:
Session 1 – Supernatural lifestyle
Session 2 – Going deeper as a family
Session 3 – Parenting prophetic children
Session 4 – Ministering to your child’s spirit
Session 5 – Keeping your family spiritually clean
Session 6 – Creating spiritual encounters
Session 7 – Practical brainstorming