Principles for the Courtroom of Heaven

Gavel on sounding blockWhy go to a Heavenly Court:

Have you been praying for years on a matter without seeing circumstances change? Have you been robbed of something and you don’t seem to be experiencing justice? Then maybe it is time you looked into having your case heard in the courtroom of heaven. Below are some initial thoughts and principles for accessing heaven’s court. It is not something to be done lightly, but with due diligence and prayer. I encourage you to look into this further. What is written below is a mere introduction, to ‘wet the appetite’ so to speak.

Who Do We Come Before:

  • Our Father in Heaven has many roles and we approach him differently as to which role He is fulfilling at that particular moment. When God is in court as our judge, we come before Him in awe. The truth is that God judges out of love. He is a God of love.

Petition the Courts of Heaven:

  • The Holy Spirit may specifically invite us to bring a particular matter to the courts of heaven. This may come as an impression or arise out of our realising that we need something settled.
  • We may simply find ourselves brought to the courts of heaven, eg in a vision.
  • Faith is the currency for the court of heaven.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show you which matters are to be brought to the courts of heaven, when and with whom. He is our paráklētos, “who intercedes on our behalf as an advocate in court”. We come to seek the intervention of God as our Judge.
  • As a judge, He will determine present circumstances and answers to our prayers under the governmental system of heaven.
  • There is a difference between a prayer and a petition. Prayer covers all aspects of requests. A petition is defined as a formal written request to a court requesting judicial action on a certain matter ie petition in prayer is a legal presentation before the Judge, requesting a verdict from Heaven’s Court.
  • Hebrews 4:13-16, Luke 18:1-8, Ephesians 6:18

Make your petition specific by asking:

  • In what areas are you seeking justice?
  • What results are you specifically seeking?
  • On what basis? Is there legal precedent through God’s word?
  • What adversary is preventing you from receiving justice?
  • Whom are you seeking justice for?

Intercession: (Representing Others in the Courts of Heaven)

  • A high priest is one who is holy, blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens. Hebrews 7:24-26
  • We all have direct access to the Holy Spirit who lives to intercede for us in the courts of heaven.
  • The Holy Spirit seeks those on earth who will stand before God on behalf of others to discern, identify and bring the legal accusations of the enemy under the blood of Christ and invite his rule in their region, nation etc.
  • You are a Lawyer in heaven’s sight. The word “intercessor” is actually another word for this profession. The Holy Spirit is the greatest intercessor ever. He lives in you. He intercedes through you with groanings too deep for words.
  • As a lawyer, you are called to organize your case, and present your case before His Throne. That’s what a lawyer does, at the invitation of the Judge. Further, through the precious blood of Jesus, your vindication has already been secured.

Court Room Etiquette: 

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what to do in the courts of heaven.
  • When we enter a court room on earth, there are certain requirements/etiquette to express honour and maintain atmosphere of respect, order, security and awe. We are responsible to engage protocol.
    • We dress appropriately.
    • We are prepared & ready.
    • We stand in respect when the Judge enters/leaves.
    • We are required to bow to the magistrate or judge.
    • We sit and be silent until we have permission to speak.
    • You address the Judge honourably as ‘Your Honour’.
    • We direct all remarks to the bench not to the opposition.
    • We are uncompromisingly ethical.
    • We ask for a verdict/ruling in our favour.
    • We don’t continue any arguments when the case is over but respect the Judge’s ruling.
  • Like a courtroom on earth, we follow the above requirements/etiquette the same in the courtroom of heaven.
  • Ask Jesus to deal with anything ungodly in you before you enter.
  • We enter God’s court rooms, where He sits in judgement to hear and respond to our prayers. When we step into God’s court room we bow in deep awe and reverence before the holy righteousness of God. We are silent until we have permission to speak.
  • Isaiah 43:26“let us argue the matter together; state the case for your innocence.”
  • Your Judge is the Ancient of Days because many of the “justice issues” we face personally and regionally are generational. They are the by-product of misguided choices from previous generations. As the Ancient of Days, God sees all days and can render judgment to deliver you from the encroachment of generational bondages.
  • God will review your case. When the court sits, the books, or scrolls, are opened. God will review your petition in light of the past, present and future. You can ask Him to review the scroll of your “Book of Life”—including past generations, to annul covenants with death and darkness that have given access to demonic powers holding your bloodline captive.
  • Always be specific and always ask for a verdict in your favour.

Facing the Accuser:

  • When we enter the court room we may have to face the accuser, who does the work of a prosecutor in the heavenly court system. He is at work before God day and night and will seize on anything not covered by the blood of Christ and use it as legal ground for legitimate accusations against us that block our access to the mercy of God.
  • The sin identified by the accuser may be ours or associated with the request we bring. For example there may have been a covenant, oath, bondage made in previous generations of a family that give legitimate access to the enemy. The enemy’s accusations should not lead us to feel unworthy and turn away from God’s mercy. Use the accusation as useful conviction of sin and surrender these matters quickly to Christ.
  • God will not force our will or override legally binding vows, contracts or covenants that we have made, or that have been made on our behalf by previous generations of our family etc.

God’s Rapid Judgement:

  • God is longing to grant mercy so, once legal objections are dealt with, He will rule immediately.
  • There is no need for plea and argument before God in his court room. We simply hand him our need and circumstance, seeking his perspective and ruling. As Jesus said in the parable of Luke 18:8, God will “see that she gets justice, and quickly.”
  • When God has ruled on a matter in the court room we do see rapid outcomes on earth.
  • As in earthly courts, a supplicant subjects themself to the decision of the court. We must abide by God’s decision – even though it may not be what we anticipated.

Leaving the Court Room:

  • Etiquette in an earthly court room requires lawyers to face the judge, bowing as we leave.  Similarly, as we leave the heavenly court room, we seek the face of our God to acknowledge with honour and gratitude our faith in his vindication and blessings.
  • We will not feel the need to pray on the matter anymore – we can now leave this with God.

 Sources for Further Study:

Prophetic Activations / Exercises to incorporate into your week:

The purpose of these exercises is to help us hear God’s voice in a clearer manner. They sharpen our senses to hear and recognise God’s voice and His way of communicating with us. This enables us to grow in our relationship with God and also to impart to others what God tells us for them. Feel free to use as many of these activations each week as you can. The more you practice, the sharper you become at hearing God’s voice. Enjoy!

Remember that whenever you give another person a prophetic word or picture etc, please make sure that it is encouraging, edifying (strengthening) and comforting (1 Corinthians 14:3)

1. Children / Families Activation: Have paper and crayons/pencils/textas handy. Ask everyone to close their eyes and imagine they are at a park with Father God. Get them to ask God which area of the park He wants to take them to and play with them. Get them to ask Father God to tell or show them something that He would like them to know. Explain that when they are ready, they can open their eyes and draw where on the park they were with God. Encourage them to share or write what it was that Father God told or shared with them.

2. Group Activation: Have people pair up. Give everyone a minute to ask God what fancy dress outfit He would love to dress their partner in and why. Just go with the first image that comes to mind. Ask God to explain why that image. After a minute, share with your partner.

3. Beginner Activation: Imagine a plane flying overhead with a banner trailing behind it. Look at the banner – what has God written on it just for you? Why? Look again, what has God written on it for someone else? Why and whom has He written it for?

4. Intermediate Activation: Sometime this week go into a clothing shop, and ask God to highlight an item of clothing. Go up to that item and touch it. Prophesy over that article of clothing and the person who is going to buy it. Speak God into their life and decree and declare favour, goodness, integrity etc over the person who buys this article of clothing.

5. Advanced Activation: Open a newspaper and ask God to highlight a headline to you. Ask God whom the statement in the headline applies to and why? Prophesy/decree it over that person. Then read the newpaper article that the headline applies to. Ask God to show you what He would have you pray re that subject. Decree and declare what God has shown you.

47 thoughts on “Principles for the Courtroom of Heaven

  1. Sheryl

    Over the past few weeks, God has also been showing me about the courtroom of Heaven. Then, I found your website. I’m getting my case together to present to Him. Appreciate your intercession. Here are the “bare-bones” facts: I have been a believer since 1972. God has given me ‘words’ from several people that He was giving me a healing ministry. God moved me across the country to attend Bible school and meet my husband, a missionary. When my husband realized he was getting a wife and family (God gave us our own 3 beautiful babies), he backed away from the ‘field’ work and got numerous jobs to help support the family. We did children’s evangelistic work in numerous churches, but I never saw the mission field. This has caused me great sorrow, and yet, on the other hand, I do recall that before I left for Bible school, the Holy Spirit warned me that what I expected to happen a certain way (healing ministry) would “not happen as I expected”.

    • Donna Powers

      Hi Sheryl, when you said ‘the Holy Spirit warned me that what I expected to happen a certain way (healing ministry) would “not happen as I expected”, what was it you expected? How is it going with pleading your case before the courts? What are you presenting? I too am learning about the court systems and came across this page. I was curious as to the outcome of your case. Love to hear the results!

  2. Mary Favour

    I am researching I am writing a book on this subject. This is awesome. I will be traing on this subject as well.

  3. Beverley

    Hi, I completed, the activation, – the plane, and what color it was, and what was written, thankyou!!!

  4. Jean Hogue

    I am really confused. If the Holy Spirit is our intercessor “the Holy Spirit is the greatest intercessor ever. He lives in you.” and again, “who intercedes on our behalf as an advocate in court.” Why must we go to the courts of Heaven to advocate for ourselves? By Christ’s death we gained access to Him and received the Holy Spirit – we are now able to go directly to Jesus in prayer and He intercedes to the Father on our behalf. Job was handed over to Satan to be sifted like wheat but he did not enter the courts of Heaven as described here although he prepared a speech to prove his innocence. In Job 13 verse 20 he proceeds to bring his “declaration” before God AND his friends in a spoken prayer. Please help me better understand this concept.

    • Jane Berry Post author

      Great question Jean. Can definitely understand where you are coming from. Sometimes, though, nothing seems to be working and we need to try a new approach. Jesus shared how God was like a judge in Luke 18:1-8 and one of the ways we are to pray is as in a courtroom situation. Jesus gives us several different methods and him sharing this means that it is indicative of a method we can use as well. This is not a method that is used often, or a method that we use all the time. It is only for situations that have not been resolved after a lengthy period of time eg the persistent widow – it was a long standing problem where she needed justice and a conclusion. I encourage you in your search for more answers to ask the Holy Spirit to show you more about this and to even take you to heaven. Go on a journey of discovery with the Holy Spirit, recognizing that what we know is only a tiny amount compared to what there is to know. Enjoy the journey.

      • Jacquie

        Also, in the new testament prayer of “Our Father” we ask to let it be done on earth as it is in heaven and we have court in the earth on a natural basis. This heavenly court is a type and shadow of the pattern of court being held in heaven. We actually are in heaven anyway because of the finished works of Jesus we are MADE to sit in heavenly places in Christ even though our bodies are still on earth.

      • Linda lundin

        I entered the courts of heaven several years ago when I was told I could not drive because of a doctor who felt I had a major seizure disorder. God had shown me that my problem was caused from medication. When I stopped the medication all the side effects left. Now I was faced with being a widow who had to work to support herself but wasn’t allowed to drive. I entered the courts of heaven which is simply presenting your case before the judge of the universe. My lawyer was myself and I stated my case simply showing God the unfair verdict and I have him scripture for my reason for a reversal reversal of the unfair life destroying verdict the doctor had given me. After several days in court God led me to another doctor and he over ruled the first dr opinion. This is not something new just a deeper walk with the father. It is a desperate child bringing requests before the thrown of. Grace. It is walking by faith and not by sight. And entering into his presence knowing God is a righteous judge and will rule in your favor in his time. Be blessed as you walk deeper into the knowledge of him

        • Lisa

          Linda!!!!! I am in the exact same situation except I am a single mom to four school aged kids. I am going to court as well due to the six months that has robbed my ability to care for my kids by not driving or working. Thank you for posting this. It encouraged me.

    • Ian

      Hi Jean, you are absolutely correct, we don’t need to plead our case in the heavenly court, as Jesus is on the right hand of God, ever lives to make intercession for us. This kind of teaching is from Satan itself, out to trip the innocent unsuspecting believer.there ought to be something done to silence this sought of evil heresies.

      • June

        Real believers need real help. If you do not have any unanswered payers good. A lot of real believers do. If you do not believe the courts of heaven. Go to the courts of hell.

      • Kate

        Check out Philippians 4:6’7 talks about make your Petitions known. Where are Petitions taken to other than to a Court before a Judge. Scriptures talk of God’s Court and Courtroom…..I suggest you do more study, look up Scriptures and know before you totally discourage others from receiving deliverance through one of the many ways we are supposed to approach God for our Petitions to be granted.

      • Henk van Zyl

        Jeremiah 5:21 New King James Version (NKJV)

        21 ‘Hear this now, O foolish people,
        Without understanding,
        Who have eyes and see not,
        And who have ears and hear not

  5. Angeli

    Hi I have been deliberating about the heavenly court teaching. And each time I think deeply about it, I am more convinced that this is a strategy of the enemy to make even the very elect stumble. In other words this teaching tells us that the shed Blood and the Holy Spirit who lives in us who guides us to a deeper knowledge of the Lord, is made obsolete by this new teaching.

    • Henk van Zyl

      Angeli, please do explain to me, and all ye skeptics here too, how would the enemy teach about the Courts of Heaven and literally give the believer a tool to annihilate him in battle and with a verdict against him as a “means to make even the very elect stumble”? It is ludicrous to think along those lines and I pray that the truth of this reality hits home soon. Further more I pray that God be gentle on those who do not believe in certain parts of the Word and selectively read the Word of God and that they do not need the Hand of God to rule in their favor one day in a life threatening situation upon which they can not see the truth because of their selective believe. And I pray that God Almighty does not selectively forgive the unbeliever and skeptics…

      Romans 12:3-8 New King James Version (NKJV)
      3 For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith. 4 For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, 5 so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. 6 Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith; 7 or ministry, let us use it in our ministering; he who teaches, in teaching; 8 he who exhorts, in exhortation; he who gives, with liberality; he who leads, with diligence; he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness.

  6. Angeli

    With the unjust judge narrative, Jesus urges us to pray without ceasing. Nowhere does He advise us to take any matter further than through the shed blood of Jesus. Nor does He tell us that there are other methods for unanswered prayer except through His blood. The New Testament after the death of Jesus only speaks of one High Priest and Judge and that is Him Jesus. And the only way to pray is by through the Righteous covering of His blood. There is only one way to God and that is only a plea through His Son Jesus

    • Kate

      Jesus is up there as our Advocate, as in our Lawyer before the Father who is the Judge. The Accuser(Prosecutor) of the brethren Satan is always before God, definitely not in His bedroom but in His Court making Cases (accusations) against us. Yes through Jesus you make your case. The Holy Spirit who knows all things shows you what things are e.g in the Family background which serves as limitations that you need to send to Jesus to advocate as your Lawyer before the Father who is the Judge. Scripture says God Judges with righteousness,where would He be Judging at if not in His Courtroom?

  7. Ben

    This is evil…the lord warned us about the heresies in the last days. thank you Holy Spirit and thank you JESUS that you are my intercessor and advocate and I’ll never have to enter any Heavenly court!
    I pray that this Evil will not effect any other believers in the lord!.

  8. Gary

    A very righteous sounding statement is, “all we need is the shed blood of Jesus.” And, of course, legally the blood of Jesus is what is required as our atonement. However, Jesus taught in parables/known images to bring greater practical understanding. In Ephesians 1 where Paul prays for hearts to be enlightened the Greek word used is the one where we get the English word photograph. Paul was asking the Lord to put pictures on hearts as symbols of truth. God deeply desires two way communication with all of His sons and daughters. But, some will not only not enter that loving relationship, they throw roadblocks in the way for others. The Courtroom realities is not a substitute for the sufficiency of the blood of Jesus. We don’t re-plead that which is already settled. But, we do need to understand ways to help make it personal and applicable to our lives. I therefore appreciate articles like this.

    • Peace

      I agree with you, brother. It’s a thing of maturity and not rejection of the truth that “all we need is blood of Jesus”. It’s a deeper understanding of what the blood of Jesus entails and who we are and what we should be capable of doing because of it. It’s a growth in the knowledge of God which is manifested in realizing our spiritual ability and functioning in it.

    • Ada Amicone

      Well said my friend. We must study the word to seek its knowledge. There’s a Devine

    • Kate

      Just so we remember…. Scripture says my People perish because of lack of Knowledge. We should study and ask the Holy Spirit to Enlighten us than to be quick to condemn. If God is the righteous Judge, He asks us to bring our Petitions, noting that Petitions are sorted in Courtrooms, God asks us to come into his Court, He said to come and argue our case, where else can that be done than in a Courtroom? If the adversary Satan is always before the Lord accusing, and Jesus is pleading our Case, where is all these to be carried out than in the LORD’S Courtroom of Justice. We should study to show ourselves approved rightly dividing the word of truth. Scripture is way deeper than we make it.

  9. Helen Open

    I had a stronghold in my life.and no deliverance could help. Instead demon after demon would follow this demon in and out of me. I have been a christian for many years. Any body could cast a spell on me I mean witchcraft. If I dared pray for anyone demons could leave them and enter me. I started on the daily journey of self deliverance for about three years. Two weeks ago I had had enough. I had left church because I had become a dumping ground for Christians who wanted quick ddeliverance. A trusted person had released my secret! I went to God and told Him about the stronghold. I told Him there was no way I could serve hHim in my condition. I needed to know the sin I had committed to deserve what I was going through. I could not blame anybody because it was obvious it had to do with me. I first dreamt the glory of God in my lounge then I decided to seek the face of the Lord. I went to youtube and I learnt about the courts of heaven. I went to God and talked to Him again. He wad my only solution. In a dream after about two hours I learnt rhat it was sin in the bloodline. I had not committed it but I repented and released the person who did it. That was the end of that problem.

  10. Peace

    I recently came across teachings about spiritual experiences and “travels” to God’s courts, garden, thrones etc and tried to see them in light of biblical reference. The more I research it as well as experience some parts of it, the more I conclude that there’s nothing unbiblical about it. Moreover, the revelation of what is available to us as children and heirs is overwhelming and the experiential learning can’t be compared to my 30+ years of Christian life. It’s really empowering. Briefly, we all agree that we are to worship God in spirit, we bring sacrifices in spirit, we approach His throne of grace and acces it in spirit by faith. The whole issue of salvation is available through faith only which brings our spirit to life enabling us to “approach His throne with confidence” (Hebrew 4:16). Why not approaching his courts through the same means? Satan is there accusing “brethren day and night “. We are not to be passive and let Jesus talk on our behalf always. He is our advocate but we are the accused and his sacrifice broke the yoke of slavory but if we do not face our old master and announce our freedom we may continue to live as slaves. We are to learn the truth about our position and of what Jesus has accomplished and given to us as part of inheritance and silence our accuser through knowing it and speaking it when we approach the court.

  11. troy

    God saved us so that we could be part of His Kingdom government. The blood of Jesus is not a lucky charm that we just say to change our circumstances. That will work for the immature but God is seeking mature sons who will learn the protocols of His Kingdom. Going into the courts of Heaven is about operating in our function as sons and learning the heart of our Father so we can represent His Kingdom on earth now and in the millennial Kingdom. Going into the presence of the Lord and learning His ways is costly to the flesh and will require sacrifice of our agendas. To obtain the scroll of our lives will require a garden of Gethsemane experience and a crucifixion of the flesh. When you stand before the Judge you then be able to take the scroll and open its seals. Tribulation will coincide but after you have persevered you will be able to access your inheritance. It is costly but who wants to meet Jesus and say, “I was afraid to invest myself in the process of dying to know you better”

  12. shade

    God is infinite and we can only know Him by relationship ,knowing Him is more than just reading the bible. Jesus said greater things would we do because He will speak to us and lead us to all truths. The courts of heaven are for those who are walking in the Spirit,thats why He said we should worship Him in Spirit and in truth.
    God said perfect love cancels all fear,so the people fearful that this is heresies need to check their relationship with the father,seek His face and follow God’s lead. The courts give us total freedom and thats what we need if we are going to serve our father and free others from the bondage’s of lies and deceit that the enemy proposes and wants to keep us in.

    • Daisy Daughter

      Knowing Him is reading the Bible. He Word is God inspired. How can you say that? We fellowship with Him in prayer and by spending time with Him but The Bible is our compass. The more I read your replies it makes sense why your serving this erroneous hypocrisy. Please has the Lord to forgive you and take this down. God will forgive you bit have got to get out of pride. You blew it with this.

  13. Roxanne K

    I am sorry for people who call everything demonic. Some people say that they are not going into any Heavenly courts, but they must not have read in Ephesians that we are seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. We are to rule and reign from our Heavenly position in Christ. If we are seated in Christ Jesus, then we are already in the Courtroom seated at the right hand of the Father. We need to learn our identity in Christ.

  14. Roxanne K

    I forgot to add… No one is saying that pleading our case in the courts of Heaven is taking the place of what Jesus did on the cross. As a matter of fact, we only enter the courts of Heaven because of what Jesus did on the cross. We would not be able to enter the court or approach the Father without first being clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

  15. Daisy Daughter

    This is not true and there aren’t any Scriptures to support this teaching either. What this implies is the work Christ did was incomplete and we know that’s a lie. How does one get lost in such non-sense I’ll never understand. Praying that God will touch your mind and open your understanding to the error in this.

    • J

      This is not for Christians those who are stuck in a religion and operates with religious mentality. God never intended to establish a Christian religion.
      If you think God only speaks to you through the bible then you’re limiting God with you head knowledge and theology. God is beyond what you can imagine and picture through Bible. And in fact, Bible is not a complete word of God. Everything that God speaks is His Word, even today! What denomination do you belong to? I pray you will hear God’s voice (rhema) in your spirit very clearly. There are many cases in the bible that talks about courts of Heaven. These are only for GENUINE sons and daughter who are desiring to expand God’s Kingdom on earth, not for people waiting to go to heaven. We are bought by the Blood of Lamb so we can walk in supernatural just like Jesus. Mature and faithful sons and daughters is what Father is interesting in. Jesus is our prototype that means we operate just like He did and walked on earth. We are Kings and Priest NOW. So, if Jesus had to go to heaven to rescue Simon Peter then why shouldn’t we???

      Eternity is NOW, Kingdom of God is a present reality whether anybody believes it or not!!

    • Chenie

      Because of the blood of Jesus and His Word – we have access to God the Father and information about God and His Kingdom as it applies to us.

      ??There is a God. – Luke 11
      ??There is a Heaven. – Luke 11
      ??There is a Throne room. And we are instructed to go there. – Hebrews 4
      ??There are gates we are to enter and we are told how to do that. – Psalms 100
      ??There are courts we are inter and we are told how to do that. – Psalms 100
      ??There is a Holy Holy place we are to enter and we are told how to do that.
      – Hebrews 10
      ??There is a judgement seat in Heaven.
      ??There is an active Holy Righteous Judge in session working on our behalf daily. Luke 18
      ??We are told to seek. (Seek what?)
      ??We are told to ask. (Ask what?)
      ??We are told to knock. (Knock on what)
      Matthew 11 and Luke 7
      ??There is Heavenly court room protocol – James 2
      ??We have an accuser and he is accusing us night and day before the Judge in the court of Heaven. -Revelation 12

      And this is just scratching the surface of what the Word of God says on this. Which we have access to because of the blood of Jesus.

      Our Father who is in Heaven. Your name is holy. (Luke 11:2)

      Come boldly into the throne room of grace where you will find means cry and help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)

      Enter His gates with thanksgiving (Psalms 100:4)

      Enter His courts with praise (Psalms 100:4)

      Enter the Holy of Holie’s with the blood of the Lamb. (Hebrews 10:19)

      We will all stand before the judgement seat if Christ (Romans 14:10)

      For judgement is without mercy to the one who shows no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgement. (James 2:13)

      Ask and it will be given to you.
      Seek and you will find.
      Knock and the door will be opened to you.
      (Matthew 7, Luke 11)

      And the Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says. And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. (Luke 18:6-8)

      The accuser of the brethren who accused them before God night and day had been cast down (Rev 12:10)

  16. Chi

    Hi, I’m really enjoying teachings I’ve discovered about the courts because God laid this on my heart a couple of years ago. Thanks for sharing your notes on this.

    Under the section “Make Your Petition Specific by Asking” the 4th question says “Which adversary is preventing you from receiving justice?”: I don’t understand. Is there more than one adversary (the devil)? Or do you mean witches, familiar spirits, spirit of Jezebel, water spirits, etc? I’m​ not sure how much more specific one could be because I’m unclear as to whether there is more than one type of adversary, or what fits this category. Satan and his agents sum it up for me but I’d love your input on this. Thanks!

  17. Divine Diva

    Thank you for this article. I am preparing my case. I will let you know the verdict of Jehovah’s coirtroom to manifest in the earthly courtroom.

  18. Lillian Bwire

    I will enter his courts with thanksgiving in my heart.I will enter his courts with Praise.I will say this is the day that the LORD has made.I will rejoice for he has made me glad.
    You won’t understand what you sing unless you have revelation.God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.
    There is a counsel in heaven with 24 Elders and they receive the prayers of saints.Study scripture nothing satanic at all in this article.Just great revelation to those deep in Spirit-The intercessors

  19. Arthur

    I found the information very enlightening and encouraging.
    The Lord has helped me, and I’ve had a measure of success simply because He wanted me to know that this is legitimate.
    In my case and in my walk, the Lord has always taught me by giving me a spiritual experience first.
    He would then back me up, teach me through the word, or a teaching from one of His trusted servants.
    Example! I had an out of body experience before I ever heard of Ian Clayton, Bruce Allen, or Sadhu Sundar Salvaraj. These servant of God have been taken to levels, totally other, they are forerunners.
    Regrettably some of are still at the milk stage, and cling to the bottle.
    The 5th chapter of Hebrews and chapter 6, first five verses is always a challenge to me.
    What is the strong meat? What are the teachings that go beyond the rudimentary doctrines.
    What more is there to learn, participate in and be a part of creating?
    I read a book “TO FIGHT WITH ANGELS” when it was returned the person who read it (a friend) said this is from the pit of hell! I was surprised, I thought we were on “the same page”

    In my own experience I find the teachings about the courts of heaven informative, instructive, and challenging to come up higher. The invitation is open, the acceptance is volitional, the correct choice has eternal results.
    “Let him who is ignorant be ignorant still”
    I understand this to mean that the person who voluntary, or willfully chooses to cling to their point of view after the invitatIon to extend their tent posts, that person should be allowed to remain with their choice.

  20. DJ

    Some people are called to be intercessors for others, an attorney if you will. In those situations, we have the ability to come before the Father to present our case in the courts of Heaven for that person. As a recent example, a waitress poured out her heart and I asked her if I may pray about the situation. She gave me the legal authority to present her case, which I did. I took her situation to the Heavenly courts, claimed the power of the spirit and the blood of Christ for her citing her given authority to claim victory for her. I had the legal authority to bind Satan in prayer on her behalf in heavenly realms. God provided the verdict. Two days later she sent me a text saying it was a miracle. For 6 months her mother was in depressions bondage not able to get out of the bed, but she all of a sudden she “came out”. Her mother was delivered. Praise God for His Courts!

  21. Chesca

    Daisy sweetheart, Jesus completed everything on the cross. There’s nothing left again to do. I totally believe that. But my question is what then do we do; is it to sit and fold our hands looking to the sky for His coming. Why do we even need to study the Word, what for Jesus finished everything and especially we don’t need to pray because Jesus is at God’s right hand interceding for us. if we ourselves open our mouths to pray just as He Himself told us to does it mean we don’t believe His intercession is really doing it for us? Daisy, that we do not understand a certain truth about God doesn’t make it a hieresy. There are dimensions to God we cannot even imagine. There are mysteries in the Word we have not yet discovered
    Why do you think the Pharasees saw Jesus blasphemous or hieresy because they couldn’t understand that aspect of truth Jesus was teaching about God.
    That you know God to be Jehovah Shallom doesn’t mean the one that knows Him to be El Gibor is wrong. That you know God to be a loving Father doesn’t mean the one that knows Him to be Righteous Judge is wrong. That’s why we have the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. Pray that He will give a broader understanding of spiritual knowledge.

  22. Chesca

    Daisy sweetheart, the work Jesus did is not incomplete. It is a finished work but it doesn’t mean we no longer have a responsibility again to it. If so then it means we don’t need to study the Word, after all what do we need it for Jesus finished everything or we don’t need to pray because Jesus is at God’s right hand interceding for us. Why do we need to open our mouths to pray just as Jesus Himself told us to does it mean we don’t believe His intercession will do it for us?
    What then do we just sit and fold our hands looking to the sky f
    or His coming?
    Daisy, there are dimensions to God that we’ve not yet discovered and there are mysteries in the Word we can not begin to fathom.
    Why do you think the Pharasees saw Jesus as blasphemous and hieretic, because they couldn’t understand that aspect of truth Jesus was teaching about God.
    That you know God to be Jehovah Shallom doesn’t mean the one that knows Him to be El Gibor is wrong.
    That you know God to be a loving Father doesn’t mean the one that knows Him to be a Righteous Judge is wrong. That is why the Holy Spirit is there to lead us into all truth, if there is anything we don’t understand we should just get back to Him, He will teach us which is the truth.

  23. Paul

    Hello my sister Jane
    I am from Jamaica and I am extremely grateful for what you have shared about the principles of the courts of heaven. I have been praying asking God to help me to better understand this very important revelation. May God bless and continue to use to you to empower his saints.

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