Book Review: “The Seven Mountain Prophecy” by Johnny Enlow

Title: “The Seven Mountain Prophecy” (Unveiling the Coming Elijah Revolution)
Author: Johnny Enlow Publisher: Creation House ©2008


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Length of book:
197 pages. Easy to read with stand alone chapters.


About the Author:
Johnny Enlow & his wife pastor Daystar International Christian Fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia. He travels & speaks internationally on intimacy with God. In ~2006, “Cal Pierce prophesied over Johnny that God was about to show him the way the kingdom of God works”. (p 2) “Cal also said the Lord would teach him how to save a nation in a day.” (p3) Chuck Pierce then prophesied similar over Johnny.


Brief Overview:
Enlow begins by describing the tsunami of 2004 & comparing it with the spiritual tsunami which he believes has already begun. He then goes on to look at the Elijah Revolution & how that has the power to transform society as powerfully as a tsunami. Enlow believes that the Elijah Revolution will take us into the promised land. He describes the seven manifestations of Elijah, that of prophet, intercessor, exposer of Jezebel, decimator of Baal’s prophets, practitioner of the supernatural, eliminator of ambiguity, and anointer of the double portion.

Enlow describes the 40 years in the wilderness for the Israelites and why they didn’t enter the promised land due to their sin of looking at the surrounding seven nations who were greater & mightier than they were & feeling inferior. He then parallels those seven nations with the seven pillars that influence and shape our society.

Enlow devotes a chapter to each of these pillars, calling them mountains. In each chapter, he covers the definition of that mountain, the current ruler, the ‘antidote’, the levels of that mountain, the Biblical viewpoint, a multi-pronged approach, prayer strategy & action strategy.

Before his fantastic quick reference chart & quick reference overview, he exhorts us to live as the ‘head and not the tail’, He describes how the Israelites lived as the tail “because of their disobedience to the command to enter Canaan and dispossess the ‘seven nations greater and mightier than thou’.”(p181-2) Likewise, Enlow believes that our rebellion isn’t against the Ten Commandments but “having hearts of unbelief that God could use us to dispossess seven nations greater and mightier than us”. (p182)


The overview & quick reference guide to the seven mountains was fantastic & something that I will use again & again. It also has deepened my prayer life in that I know specifically what to pray about in each of these areas. A great initial resource book for those people who are wanting to become involved in climbing one of the seven mountains.

Enlow is definitely convincing in presenting a strong case for every Christian to be involved in one of the seven mountains. A question that one must ask oneself after reading this book is “Am I content to live in a Christian subculture that has little influence on society?” Therefore, am I prepared to do something about that so that entire nations can come into God’s Kingdom?


The initial few chapters were, at times, a bit off-putting as I don’t believe that he is totally accurate in his use of Scripture. Enlow believes that natural disasters are God’s way of punishing cities for the sins of the people. He tends to pick individual Bible verses to support his theories, without looking at the Bible verse in its proper context.


Why I chose to read it:
There were two reasons I chose to read this book. Firstly, I really needed to educate myself on the Seven mountains that leading prophets were talking about. Secondly, Gary, my husband, had been given a prophesy about the Elijah anointing, so I was on a mission to discover as much about that as I could. This book revealed more insights for me on the Elijah anointing.

This book was an easy read with a quick reference guide. I would recommend this book for people wanting an overview of the Seven mountains, realising that Enlow takes a very judgemental view of natural disasters which comes through quite strong, although ?not always totally biblically correct.

I definitely recommend reading this book to educate yourself on the Seven Mountains. The Seven Mountain Prophecy Quick Reference Chart (p190-1) is a valuable tool to familiarise yourself with as well.